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Being Spiritual

Being Spiritual

This week, I completed a questionnaire which asked me whether I would describe myself as ‘Spiritual’. I ticked the box ‘Strongly Agree’.

The question, however, was rather nonsensical in my view, as I feel that our spirit or soul is the primary force, not secondary to the body; that we are all of spirit and, not only are we all of spirit, we are spirit. Our eternal aspect is spirit and importantly, this creates the body. So whatever our beliefs, ethics or morality, we can all be described as being spiritual.

Mira Kelley writes:
‘Many of us like to think of the body as a container that holds the spirit. In reality, the soul holds the body. The soul is the one that creates the body and the mind; the body exists in the spirit’.

I think, however, that what the questionnaire was trying to ascertain was whether my thoughts and beliefs were based on a spiritual outlook, as opposed to an outward focus on worldly issues and concerns.

Who is perceived as ‘Spiritual’?

To describe a person as being ‘spiritual’ implies particular qualities about them and therefore, it follows that people who have a differing outlook are not spiritual. Do we have a better word? If we are all spiritual in nature, what wording can describe a person who has a more spiritual outlook as opposed to a worldlier one? Perhaps we could say that someone has a focus / belief system / outlook? 

We are Eternal Beings

We tend to forget that we all are spiritual; we are not just bodies with a spirit. Perhaps it is time to loudly proclaim the primacy of the spirituality of everybody. Our creative spirit or soul is our eternal being; spirituality is not simply our current bodily costume. By realizing that, current worldly problems and concerns can be re-framed and re-evaluated in terms of our eternal existence and as a result, such problems can feel smaller and less threatening.

Note: Content referred from Omnes Healing.

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